True Vision Ghana is a Ghanaian-run non-governmental, non-profit organization that will work to promote the realization of rights of underprivileged children that are affected by HIV/AIDS. We hope to reduce the impact and stigma of HIV/AIDS in Ghana, and to facilitate people affected by HIV/AIDS to live in dignity with equal access to resources and treatment.

OUR MISSION                                                                       

True Vision Ghana (TVG) helps reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS through community capacity building including treatment, prevention, education and empowerment of youth in Northern Ghana. We hope to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS in Northern Ghana and to provide services through the following three programs:

  1. Care and Aid: subsidize HIV+ children and AIDS orphans so that they get equal access to food, education, medicine and other basic needs.
  2. Education and Training: send Ghanaian healthcare workers into remote rural areas in Northern Ghana to promote openness and learning about risk reduction strategies and prevention of HIV/AIDS; facilitate the organization of sex education classes for children in rural villages in Northern Ghana, train youth leaders, and develop a youth run radio program on HIV/AIDS issues.
  3. Economic Empowerment: provide micro-loans to women in rural villages in Northern Ghana so that they can begin to end the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

OUR IMPACT                                                                          

Currently, TVG has direct and indirect impact on the following groups in Northern Ghana.

Care and Aid Program: 40 AIDS orphans

Education and Training: 285 students from five different junior high schools

Economic Empowerment: 28 caregivers and 109 spouses, children, and other family members


Care and Aid

  • Provide food aid to 40 children living with HIV/AIDS and AIDS orphans
  • Provide ARV treatment to HIV+ children
  • Enroll all children in the national health insurance program so that they have access to medication to treat opportunistic infections
  • Enroll HIV+ children and AIDS orphans in school by paying for their school fees and providing them with school supplies
  • Regular visits by TVG volunteers to check on the health and academic progress of children enrolled in the Care and Aid program

Children living with HIV/AIDS and AIDS orphans deserve to be treated with equanimity in their communities. We hope to provide opportunities for these marginalized children to integrate into the wider community by putting them into school and to build relationships through other recreational activities.

Education and Training                                                         

  • Train Ghanaian healthcare workers to volunteer in these communities and support HIV/AIDS education initiatives
  • Community HIV/AIDS classes in 6 communities in Northern Ghana focusing on risks and preventative measures as well as malaria and other health topics
  • Facilitate the organization of sex education classes in schools (primary and junior secondary schools)
  • Help set up 6 sex education clubs in the schools
  • Help train youth leaders from the sex education clubs to run their clubs on a regular basis
  • Train the youth leaders to provide a once monthly youth-run radio program on HIV/AIDS issues

Education of the youth and empowering them to talk about HIV/AIDS issues without fear of being judged is the key to lowering rates of HIV/AIDS in the future.

Economic Empowerment

  • Needs assessment in the 6 communities
  • Extend micro financing and seed money to women affected by HIV/AIDS in the 6 communities
  • Provide training and logistical support in the early stages of setting up the projects
  • After 2 years, TVG will expect the seed money for successful projects to be paid back in small manageable amounts over time
  • The seed money will be recycled back into the pool of money in the “Economic Empowerment” program and will be used to seed other projects

The economic empowerment program is a community capacity building project that will allow people affected by HIV/AIDS to begin to end the cycle of poverty. It is our hope that the economic empowerment program will improve the economic status of these people so that they will be able to afford ARVs for themselves and their children without TVG support. This project will help encourage women to become more active in their communities for the benefit of themselves and their families.

Long Term Sustainability

Once TVG begins to receive more funding and donations, we plan on expanding the number of children we will enroll in the Care and Aid program as well as expanding the number of communities we will work with on health and sex education issues.

TVG will develop a diverse resource base so as not to be dependent on one source. Funds raised from marketing Ghanaian-made crafts internationally and from individual donations and grants will be the main source of funds for TVG.

It is our hope that within a 5-year time frame the small business ventures will be self-sustaining and that TVG will not need to provide further seed money to the community. We will be encouraging care-givers to continue buying ARVs and other medicine for the AIDS orphans and HIV+ children in their care and to make sure they attend school. TVG will continue to provide advice, educational support in the form of pamphlets, and occasional visits from the volunteer staff to document the progress of the communities in terms of the health education program and the economic ventures. Once TVG has completed their work in the 6 selected communities within the 5-year time frame then the Board Members will select new villages in northern Ghana to work with.