True Vision Ghana was founded by Faustina Vimariba in 2006 to provide urgently needed education about HIV/AIDS in rural villages in Northern Ghana as well as to provide basic necessities for AIDS orphans and HIV positive children.

True Vision Ghana

Executive Director: Faustina Vimariba

Care and Aid Coordinator: Faustina Vimariba

Education and Training Coordinator:  Gregory Zakariah

Economic Empowerment Coordinator: Lambert Vimariba

Past Field Volunteers: Abigail Anzunna, Steve Tour, Reginald Tang Gurroh, Leonard Atawugeh Kubaloe, Immaculate Taaere, Juliet Kaliebu, Joane Bamuna, John Name

The Canadian branch of True Vision Ghana was incorporated in Canada as True Vision Ghana AIDS Foundation in 2008.  The Board of Directors and volunteers help fund raise money to support True Vision Ghana in their mission and vision as well as provide advisory support in all aspects of the organization’s development.

True Vision Ghana AIDS Foundation Board of Directors

Canadian Director: E.Tanaka

Fund Development Officer: V.Terstappen

Communications Officer: S. Sunley

Secretary/Treasurer: A. Nishimura

Director of Marketing: S. Allen

Events Coordinator: H. Lawley


General Facts

  • True Vision Ghana is incorporated as a Society in Alberta under the name “True Vision Ghana AIDS Foundation”
  • True Vision Ghana AIDS Foundation is registered as a charitable organization in the province of Alberta
  • True Vision Ghana is incorporated and registered as a non-governmental organization in Ghana

Other Resources

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(AIDS epidemic update, Dec 2006)

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