Our beneficiaries are underprivileged children that have been affected by HIV/AIDS either by having lost a parent to the disease, or by being HIV+ positive themselves. Living in Wa, Ghana and its neighboring villages, our beneficiaries face a host of challenges in their daily lives, including stigmatization, lack of proper schooling, inadequate nutrition and insufficient health coverage.

Through the child sponsorship program, we hope to address these needs of your sponsored child and help provide them with a happy and healthy future. Your donation can help make a difference in the lives of these children by providing them with opportunities for better schooling, food aid (i.e. protein supplementation) and — depending on their HIV status — access to essential lifesaving anti-retroviral drugs. Your donations will allow us to invest in the potential of these children.

$300 will help one of our beneficiaries who have lost their parents go to school and receive food aid.
$400 will help one of our HIV+ orphans get the medicine they need to live, go to school and receive food aid.

To uphold stringent standards of accountability, only 15 percent of donations gathered from sponsorship will be used towards administrative costs. All other money will directly benefit our beneficiaries.

You can donate directly to us via PayPal by completing the transaction through the link provided below.

Please note that tax receipts cannot be given at this time.

If you would like to donate directly to True Vision Ghana, please contact for more details.

Please contact us at or if you need further information or assistance about how to donate to the cause.