Here are some of the products we sell and how to use/care for them!

Lip Balm

No special storage for the lip balm. You can keep it on the counter.  Do note that if you leave it in a car on a hot day, it will melt!

Lotion Bars

Lotion bars are exactly that – lotion!  Use the heat of your hands to melt the bar a bit and then either rub the bar on your body or use the lotion on your hard to put it where it’s most needed.

These bars will stain wood so make sure to keep the bar in a dish.  If you don’t plan on using it right away, put in the fridge.

Lotion bars should last 6+ months.


Store this lotion in the fridge if you aren’t going to use it right away.  It will keep for 6+ months.

The best time to use this lotion is right after a shower/bath.  The oils in the lotion will lock in the moisture!

If you leave this in a car on a warm day, it will melt!


This soap is made by Thrive Botanicals in Calgary. It is beautiful soap that lasts a long time. We use it for washing hands and in the shower.

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